Lissie – Daughters [Official Music Video]


With its rollicking chorus, Daughters is one of the standout tracks from Lissie’s latest UK top 20 album My Wild West, so a music video is very deserving indeed.  

What’s even more deserving is the fact that Lissie is allowing people to pay however much they want to download her empowering track, which carries a strong message about the consolidated power of women. And it doesn’t stop there. 

All proceeds from the sales will be going directly to charity: water; an organisation that helps to fund the distribution of safe drinking water to people in developing countries. A shocking 663 million people live without access to clean water but the charity has helped 5.6 million people worldwide. 

Lissie’s video features footage from the charity’s various projects to highlight how the responsibility of finding and transporting of water is more often than not left to the women.  

Watch the video below and, until 15 March, pledge your download pennies and cents to grab a copy of Daughters via this link. Download My Wild West here

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