Avec Sans – Heartbreak Hi [New Single] 


Eighteen months ago, we asked Avec Sans which song from their back catalogue they were most proud of being involved in making and both Alice Fox and Jack St. James were quick to call out their shimmering synthpop debut Heartbreak Hi, which today receives a re-release along with the announcement of  the UK duo’s long-awaited first studio album and an upcoming slot performing at SXSW Festival which kicks off in Austin, Texas next month. 

“I love a good retro Aussie TV series word play tie-in song so that was possibly my proudest moment,” Alice said at the time with her tongue firmly in cheek. 

Jack agreeed, adding that the song was a huge achievement. “Not only because we persevered writing that song for a year (really), but because we came out of it knowing exactly what sort of music we wanted to make.”

This track then has inspired a now weighty back catalogue which is resplendent with kaleidoscopic lushly-textured electropop of the highest order. 

“It’s a classic tale of heartbroken woe; that phase post break-up where you think you see the person everywhere you go,” says Alice about Heartbreak Hi

We can all identify with that, right? 

Catch the pair performing live at The Old Blue Last in London on 9 March before they jet off to SXSW for their two sets on Wednesday 16 March and Friday 18 March. 

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