Alex Newell – POWER [EP Stream]

Alex Newell’s POWER EP was released to iTunes on Friday and the American performer has chucked the five song set on Soundcloud meaning you can try before you buy – and it doesn’t take long to realise that this is one collection that pop savants will want to add to their playlist. 

Newell’s polished debut arrives  a week before he heads out on tour with Adam Lambert who he met when the Ghosttown singer guested on the hit TV series Glee where Newell was starring as Unique. The promise of a “literal version of Scream Queens” – Newell’s words – bodes well for those who like their live shows to be weighted with big vocals and larger-than-life performances.    

The 23 year old has already flexed his vocal prowess with guest features on Collect My Love from The Knocks’ So Classic EP, Blonde’s UK Top 5 hit All Cried Out and Clean Bandit’s StrongerPOWER though sees him taking things to the next level by lining up industry heavyweights Nile Rodgers and Diane Warren (!!) along with rising Brit stars Tom Aspaul (Shame) and Digital Farm Animals (Devilish) to guest their production and songwriting credits. More importantly though, it’s a debut that’s chockablock with formidable, dance-making pop that’ll have you cranking up the volume and singing along  

When asked by about the EP’s inspiration (in an interview well worth reading because it also shows that Newell is one hell of an entertaining pop star who isn’t afraid to say it how it is, or which Destiny Child he’d kill, fuck and marry), he said that each song has its own life message.

Basically Over You (B.O.Y.) is about a boy. This Aint Over is kind of an anthem of coming off of a show where there’s a lot of connate crossover from being on Glee into the music industry, and they always expect us to fail at it. And so This Ain’t Over was just an anthem saying it’s not over, that I’m still here, that I’m thriving in this world as well. Shame is just how shameful things happen in life, where that’s a shame, and this is a shame that it happened, and how it could have been avoided. I guess they’re all anthems about being alone and empowered. And that’s sort of another reason I like the word, “power” as a title, because it gives you strength. It means strength. The songs help you power through the day. The songs just help you live your life at the same time.”


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