XYLØ – Bang Bang [New Single]

XYLØ will release their debut EP America on 26 February and this latest taster from the upcoming collection isn’t quite what you’d expect from Paige and Chase Duddy, whose material these past eighteen months has seen them straddling the folktronic sphere and picking up millions of Soundcloud streams. 

Instead Bang Bang sees them stepping outside of those realms to deliver a fast, feisty and grungy piece of catchy alt-pop. 

“Bang Bang is about when you feel unstoppable and all that matters is now,” says Paige. “And the EP is very autobiographical. Each song is a mini chapter of our lives. They range from love and euphoria to heartache and anxiety (and everything in between.”

“This EP was created out of my home studio which I had built in just two weeks,” adds Chase. “We instantly jumped into creating XYLØ, making our vision come to life. We had very little money and resources to get the project off the ground. We collaborated on the song writing, which I then produced and mixed all out of my garage. To me this EP represents the inception of XYLØ and making music independently. We’re now fortunate to be under Disruptor Record’s wing with the launch of the America EP.” 

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  1. […] This week, Paige and Chase Duddy – aka XYLØ – release their first EP America; a six song collection that curates each of the siblings’ releases to date, right back to the attention-grabbing title track which jettisoned them on to many a pop savant’s watchlist, through to last week’s off-piste, alt-grunge offering Bang Bang.  […]


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