Missy Higgins – Oh Canada [Official Music Video]


Australian singer-songwriter Missy Higgins has shared an animated video for a poignant new single that was inspired by the death of 3 year old Alan Kurdi whose body was swept up on a Turkish beach last September. 

With the story primarily narrated from the perspective of the Syrian boy’s father, Oh Canada is indeed an emotional song and one intensified by the Melbourne-born musician’s masterful flair for eliciting genuine, raw emotion from lyrics that are immaculately written and woven together. It’s this knack that she has for wordplay, for telling a story and selling a story, that really makes the message behind Oh Canada hit home. 

Few songs come along that are so remarkably powerful, poignant and inspiring, and Oh Canada disrupts the consciousness in a way that the endless stream of newspaper stories and news flashes about these tragedies often struggled to do and it has the potential to open more eyes – and hearts – to the plights that thousands of asylum seekers continue to face every day. 

“It took a while to sort through all the emotions it brought up – including anger – and realise that I wanted to write about it,” Higgins told Guardian Australia. “I tried not to take the moral high ground or point the finger at anyone, but rather tell the story as it happened. That [story] in itself, I think, is powerful and devastating enough.”

All net proceeds from the sale of Oh Canada go to ASRC (Asylum Seekers Resource Centre). Download the single from iTunes now. 

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