Conrad Sewell – Remind Me [Official Lyric Video] 


With Who You Lovin and Hold Me Up, Conrad Sewell proved that he’s plenty savvy on the funked up pop front, but it was the 27 year old’s emotional ballad Start Again which gave the Australian singer his first taste of major solo success – in his homeland at least, where it reached the top of the charts and snared him his first ARIA award. 

New single Remind Me – the third from Conrad’s All I Know EP which also boasts an acoustic version of his Kygo collab Firestone, shows that Start Again wasn’t a one off either, with a simple keys-driven melody giving the Brisbane native’s vocal flourishes full rein to weave their magic as he spins his lovelorn narrative.  

Speaking to Fuse recently, he teased the track’s upcoming video which has been helmed by an “incredible” director (he’s not giving away names just yet), and talked about the inspiration for the song. 

“The lyric came from missing someone or finishing a relationship or even someone that’s just not around anymore in your life. You know, it’s love and loss.”

Download All I Know from iTunes now and check out the newly-premiered lyric video for Remind Me below. 

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