Johnny Stimson – You Can’t Save Me [New Single]

Johnny Stimson - You Can't Save Me

Back in 2013 and 2014, I was writing about Johnny Stimson quite often, the last time being when he put out his 2014 single Sugar. At the time, I mentioned how the Dallas-raised singer-songwriiter was gradually emerging as a surprisingly impressive soul talent, following a string of early energetic electronic releases.

Fast forward a few years, and the 26 year old’s back catalogue has become quite weighty and new single You Can’t Save Me, released this week and expected to feature on an upcoming EP, is a far cry from where the talented musician started out. The first three quarters of the smoky number pit Johnny’s soul-searching vocals against a slow-burning combination of snare strokes, acoustic guitar plucks and pared back electronics while he sings about his emotional insecurities. Then three minutes in, a big drum roll explodes in to a crescendo of towering synths and the Texan really shows us what he’s made of as he unleashes the full power of his roaring, emotion-drenched vocals.

A victory indeed. Listen to You Can’t Save Me below.

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