Gwen Stefani – Make Me Like You [New Single]


  Make Me Like You is the latest single from Gwen Stefani’s upcoming third solo album This is What the Truth Feels Like which comes out 18 March and also features the brilliant ballad Used to Love You (one of my Top 20 of 2015, FYI).  

Gwen has previously mentioned this one when talking about her long awaited follow up to her 2006 album The Sweet Escape

“There is a song we wrote called… I feel like it could maybe be the 2nd single. It’s called Misery… It’s actually a very happy song. I might have to change the title. We had written another song that day or the day before. Yeah the day before. We were losing our minds. It was called Make Me Like You and we couldn’t believe it like how did we write this song? It’s so good! And then we came back the next day and I had this thing, I had this idea for Misery […] and that song was written in 20 minutes.”

SO good.

Preorder the new album here

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