Laura Jean Anderson -It Won’t Be Long [New Single]

One read of the lengthy press release for Laura Jean Anderson’s latest single It Won’t Be Long and upcoming EP and you get a pretty good sense of the artist behind the sound. But even without the context of her musical uprisings from a conservative upbringing, barefoot hippy living in Peru and art school education, you’ll be glad to know that the Washington native’s music speaks for itself.

Speaking about her debut set Righteous Girl which comes out 4 March and traverses the themes of hardship, heartbreak and religion, Anderson’s statement of intent is forthright and clear:

“The EP directly reflects things I have experienced and feel,” she says. “I mean everything I write, and if I can’t look at myself in the mirror and speak those words, I will scrap the lyric.”

On both the EP (which she co-produced with Theo Karon) and her latest single It Won’t Be Long, Anderson shows that she lives up to the hard sell. Rooted in nostalgic but faithfully-honed Americana, her vocals swing effortlessly between dreamy folk lullaby and rasping, soul-ravaged rock as they navigate their way through a soundscape of jangling strings, distorted drum beats and crunching keys. It all makes for a compelling and increasingly full-bodied introduction to the now LA-based musician’s personal brand of rootsy rock and roll.

Check out the new single above and stream the EP below.

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