Margaret Berger – Apologize [New Single]

I Feed You My Love and Human Race both remain brilliantly blistering pop entries from Margaret Berger – the former, still one of the finest Eurovision entries in recent years. 

Those songs led to an assumption that a new album would be on its way but, as it stands, a follow up to the Norwegian singer’s 2006 studio set Pretty Scary Silver Fairy is still languishing in pre-release purgatory despite a promise of a collection called New Religion that she mentioned in an interview back in 2014. 

Perhaps though the arrival of new single Apologize, released this week, means that things are back on track. And while the softly sung ballad doesn’t carry the same punishing blitz of a chorus or splintering electronics that made her previous singles so readily frazzle the pleasure senses, the 30 year old spins her bittersweet tale with enough simmering contempt and bite to reassure her fans that she’s not quite ready to chuck in her towel when it comes to delivering a solid pop moment or two with a sting in its tail. 

Download Apologize from iTunes here.  

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