Pet Shop Boys – Inner Sanctum 

Pet Shop Boys have announced their upcoming thirteenth studio album Super which will be released 1 April via X2 Recordings. 

The record sees them reuniting with Stuart Price who produced their 2013 set Electric which spawned the singles Axis, VocalLove Is A Bourgeois Construct and the Example collaboration Thursday. Neil Tennant explains in an on online interview that they wanted to follow a similar path with Super, yet make it even more electric.  

 “Stuart came over to our studio in London in July and we listened through to everything we’d written and made a decision to go with the more electronic/dancey • ones, including darker songs, like “Sad robot world”. We had ones which were more conventionally “pop” that we decided not to put on, but maybe might be on the next album. We wanted to make an album that had a very strong electronic mood all the way through it. It felt like Electric had been a sort of “rebooting” of the Pet Shop Boys, reminding ourselves that we came into this whole thing because we liked electronic music. Until this album and the previous album we’ve never been electronic purists – there have always been other instruments and orchestras and N things like that. Whereas this album and Electric are purely electronic albums.”

Today Chris and Neil premiered the record’s first countdown cut, the dancefloor anthem Inner Sanctum, which is available as an instant download with album preorders. According to Neil, it was written with a specific live venue in mind. 

“Yeah, when we were making the track “Inner sanctum”, and producing it with Stuart, we definitely kept thinking this should work well in Berghain, in that big cavernous power station. I mean you can imagine that even though you’re not in Berlin – even though you’re in Beverly Hills at the time!”


The track will be joined in the coming weeks by the release of the first official single Pop Kids.

Check out the full tracklist below. 

Super tracklist:

  1. Happiness
  2. The Pop Kids
  3. Twenty-Something
  4. Groovy
  5. The Dictator Decides
  6. Pazzo!
  7. Inner Sanctum
  8. Undertow
  9. Sad Robot World
  10. Say It to Me
  11. Burn
  12. Into Thin Air

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