Chart Shaker: Hottest 100 Singles of 2015 (40-21)

40: Little Mix – Love Me Like You 

“He might have the biggest co-o-o…”

39: Hailee Steinfeld  – Love Me 

As brilliant as Love Myself is, there are even better songs on Academy Award-nominee Hailee Steinfeld’s debut EP HAIZ which came out in late 2015.

38: Justin Bieber – What Do You Mean?

The song that converted the masses in to freshly-turned Beliebers.

37: Ellie Goulding – Love Me Like You Do

Hooking up with Max Martin and his pop cohorts on this big power ballad did Ellie the world of good. Love Me Like You Do held on to the UK number one spot for four weeks and it also earned her both Grammy and Golden Globe nods, to boot.

36: Petite Meller – Baby Love 

Giraffes, saxophones and choreographed dance moves. A simple equation for a killer pop debut.

35: Grace Mitchell feat. Spri Noir: Bae

When we wrote about Portland newcomer Grace Mitchell last year, we thought she’d do well but we never expected her to drop one of the best EPs of the year. She did. This English-French sing-song with S.Pri Noir is a closing highlight.

34: Carly Rae Jepsen – I Really Like You

Despite its strange Tom Hanks-starring music video, we still really, really, really, really like this first single from CRJ’s 2015 opus Emotion.

33: Dua Lipa – Be The One

If this is Dua Lipa just getting started, this time next year she’ll be one of the UK’s biggest pop stars.

32: Justin Bieber – Sorry

This second wave of brilliance from Justin Bieber’s Purpose album tidied up the stragglers who had tried to resist What Do You Mean

31: Cilia – Silhouettes in Slow Motion

Sweden’s best pop star/song combination of the year.

30: Madonna – Ghosttown

Arguably Madonna’s finest single and music video since her Confessions era, Ghosttown was sadly overlooked by pretty much everyone and barely impacted the charts.

29: Jarryd James – Do You Remember 

This first single from Aussie newcomer Jarryd James was produced by Lorde and Broods producer Joel Little. One of the most intoxicating R&B debuts of the year, Do You Remember went on to secure the singer his first ARIA last month.

28: Taylor Swift – Wildest Dreams 

The sweeping ballad from Taylor’s 1989 received an old-fashioned Hollywood studios-style music video, and it’s all very lovely indeed.

27: POWERS – Hot

Mike and Crista came out with guns a blazin’ on Hot, a sweltering pre-EP release taster for their chilled out euphoria and amped-up funk. Ridiculously cool and VERY hot.

26: Brandon Flowers- Can’t Deny My Love

That difficult second album, then. No such problems for The Killers’ Brandon Flowers whose second solo full length outing The Desired Effect was chockablock with synth-blasters and scaling rock numbers, and had its tone set by the commanding lead cut Can’t Deny My Love.

25: Secret Weapons – Something New

With its irresistible earworm of a chorus and cascading waves of punchy, electronic synths, Secret Weapons’ anthemic debut is hell-bent on getting you hooked from the offset, but the track hits even headier heights later as the steamrolling vocals explode in to a handclap-backed, gospel-infused outro that leaves you instantly reaching for the replay button.

24: CHVRCHES – Leave a Trace

If you’re looking for an album that is full of effervescent and emotionally-invested electropop, then don’t forget to download CHVRCHES’ Every Open Eye which came out in September and was preceded by the release of the cracking first single Leave a Trace.

23: Fleur East – Sax 

An absolute triumph that deserved a music video a hell of a lot better than the one it ended up with.

22: Susanne Sundfør – Delirious

An almighty crash, bang and wallop-load of spiky, electronic beats that are permeated by a combo of Sundfør’s usual ethereal but insistently urging vocals,  and sparking synths that give way to a gloriously triumphant and cinematic orchestral denouement. Delirious indeed.

21: Jason Derulo – Want to Want Me

A triumph from Jason Derulo, and one of the year’s biggest selling singles, Want to Want Me is so overwhelmingly infectious, you almost forget that your exuberance has translated in to a crazed sky-jabber look  on the dancefloor.


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