Chart Shaker: Hottest 100 Singles of 2015 (100-81)

100: Phoebe Ryan – Mine 

We said: “A perfectly-packaged debut that pops the emerging artist firmly in our ranks as one to watch out for in 2015.”

99: X&Y – Rocket Science

We said: “Rocket Science retains their smooth R&B vocal sensibilities, upscales the radio-friendly pop hooks and basically sounds like the work of a band who are much farther down the line than their second offering…”

98: Chelsea Lankes – Home

We said: “an explosive synth banger that layers the Los Angeles pop star’s warm, refreshing vocals over cascading waves of heavenly electronics and centres the whole shebang around a massive sing-along chorus…

97: Kyla La Grange  – So Sweet

We said: “So Sweet is a BIG comeback song – a constant stream of increasingly brilliant whirring electronics and dreamy synths that sees the 29 year old Londoner in full-scale pop mode.”

96: Maroon 5 – This Summer’s Gonna Hurt

We said: “Adam Levine obviously lavishly laps up the lyrics, dipping in and out of his slick pop falsetto whilst Shellback’s juddering, electronic beats buzz and shimmer in the background. But really it’s all about that simple but very effective chorus which, after one listen, you won’t be able to get out of your head.”

95: Fletcher – Warpaint

We said: “It is bigger, bolder and boasts a very appealing pre-chorus battle cry that befits its tribal beats and triumphant lyrics and Fletcher’s no-nonsense, guns-a-blazin’ delivery.”

94: Lemar – Love Turned Hate

We said: “Love Turned Hate plays straight to Lemar’s vocal strengths, his earthy, rich timbre dominating the mid-tempo soul number with its effortless injection of warmth and emotion, and flipping in and out of falsetto…”

93: Whissell – Get Free

We said: “Whissell emerges as a dominant force to be reckoned with on the song’s explosive and propelling chorus, where her bluesy tones are joined by a rally of silence-shattering calls. ”

92: Grace feat. G-Eazy: You Don’t Own Me

We said: “By building the chorus up to a sea of sweeping strings and with Grace delivering the chorus’ key notes with the defiant flair of the track’s most famous singers, You Don’t Own Me 2015 successfully brings together the old elements with the new for a soulful, electro hip-hop experience.

91: Niki & the Dove – Play It On My Radio

We said: “Gustaf and Malin’s latest shows that the pair haven’t lost their knack for delivering sonically beautiful pop whilst they’ve been gone, serving up a dreamily nostalgic feast of kaleidoscopic electronics, swirling synths and soothing vocals.”

90: Will Young – Thank You

We said: “The emotionally-charged track sees Young abandoning his falsetto to showcase the lower end of his register, performing to some extent in a seeming state of suspended disbelief.”

89: Lana Del Rey – High by the Beach

We said: “This is the best thing LDR has done for a while and prepare to find the earworming chorus lodged in your brain for some time to come.”

88: Alex Winston – The Day I Died

We said: “A peppy, percussion-striking and synth-soaring electropop number, The Day I Died was released earlier this year and headed up a sparkling three track EP that also features the emotional ballad Down Low and a Lauper-esque turn on Dead End.”

87: The Beach – Thieves

We said: “A gasp-inducing cocktail of stirring vocals, snapshot lyrics, crescendoing keys, percussion and strings, and turn-tailing hooks and melodies,”

86: Tor Miller – Carter and Cash

We said: “With its striking guitar chords and indie pop sensibilities, it’s hard not to imagine Carter & Cash – a track inspired by the well documented relationship between iconic musician Johnny Cash and his wife June Carter –  finding its rightful place on mainstream radio in the not-so-distant future. ”

85: The 1975Love Me

84: St. Lucia – Dancing on Glass

We said: “The NYC-based synth trailblazers’ new track – another elevating blast of euphoric electronics and uplifting, warming  vocals – signals the band’s first new original material in two years.”

83: Nervo feat. Jake Shears, Kylie Minogue and Nile Rodgers – The Other Boys

We said: “a sweaty, disco-fuelled dancefloor stomper”.

82: Brandon Flowers – Still Want You

81: Jess Glynne – Hold My Hand 


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