Skunk Anansie – Love Someone Else [Official Music Video]

Skunk Anansie have unveiled the video for the lead single from their upcoming album Anarchytecture. 

The British rock band, most famous for their string of 90s hits such as Secretly, Hedomism (Just Because You Feel Good), Weak and Weep (Brazen), will release the follow up to their 2012 set Black Traffic on 15 January and last month they shared the record’s first cut Love Someone Else. Now that track has a video to go with it as you can see from up top.

Skunk Anansie reformed in 2009 after a ten year hiatus and have since released two further studio albums. They’re an excellent band to catch live so checking out their upcoming European tour which will kick off on 4  February at the Albert Hall in Manchester.

Earlier this week, the band performed Love Someone Else during the final of X Factor Italy, where singer Skin is one of the newest members of the judging panel. Have a gander below.


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