Taffy Trouble – Backseat Driver [New Single]

We get our fair share of press releases sent through but few of the carefully posed statements catch our attention like the one that came from these London newcomers. 

Taffy Trouble are Ella and Alex and they’re promoting their debut single Backseat Driver, which is streaming below. It’s ridiculously brash and insanely brilliant but, rather than throw all manner of adjectives at it, I’ll let these nuggets from the release help you to form your own opinion. 

  1. Ella and Alex bonded over “a mutual love for Lil’ Kim and John Waters films.” (Imagine Hairspray’s Tracy Turnblad singing How Many Licks…)
  2. Taffy, for the record, is “an adopted alter ego, a Prophet of trash and a Messiah of bad taste.”
  3. Backseat Driver is “a slice of skewed electronic bubblegum pop […], filled with attitude, sickly sweet hooks and tongue in cheek lyrics…”
  4. …and it was produced by the duo with Neil Comber who’s worked with Charli XCX and M.I.A. 
  5. Taft Trouble are currently working with Dimitri Tikovoi who has also done stuff with Charli XCX as well as several other great pop stars like Nicola Roberts, Aiden Grimshaw, MNEK and – more recently – New Pharaohs


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