Kylie Minogue – Every Day’s Like Christmas (Stock Aitken Waterman Remix) [New Single]

Every Day’s Like Christmas is the best song on Kylie Minogue’s recent festive collection Kylie Christmas, and it’s her latest play for the Christmas number one spot thanks to this Stock Aitken and Waterman remix which premiered over on Popjustice today. Yup, that’s right. Kylie’s first material with the gang who transformed her from a dungaree-sporting mechanic in Neighbours in to a bonefide pop icon. 

Embracing the sentiment that meeting ‘The One’ makes every day like Christmas, the simple love song in its original form is a sweeping electropop ballad, written by Coldplay’s Chris Martin and resplendent in elevating synths, and chiming bells, with Kylie gently cooing her sweet, emotional serenade with effortless pop panache.  

The glorious new retread retains that groundwork, but throws in some trademark SAW beats that’ll throw listeners old enough to remember, right back to those chart-topping days of Kylie’s late 80s/early 90s career. 

Kylie Christmas is on iTunes now. 


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