Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros – Hot Coals [New Single]

It’s been over two years since Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros released their self-titled third studio album and, whilst singer Jade Castrinos may have exited the line up in 2014, the Los Angeles-based colective clearly haven’t lost their knack for creating melodic, folk-psych moments to get lost in- as demonstrated by their latest single Hot Coals.

“We had long been a social experiment first, musicians second,” said frontman Alex Ebert when discussing the impact that Jade’s departure had on the remaining ten members of the band. “Over time, though, we were emerging, by virtue of hours spent, into a group of musicians who could really play together. When Jade left, that confirmed our new fate – music first.”

Clocking in at just under seven and a half minutes, the sprawling new single is testament to the band’s staying power, quickly shifting from its hazily, acoustic intro in to a jangling piano-driven arrangement that erupts in to an explosion of psychedelic horns.

A fourth studio album is apparently coming in 2016.


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