New Pharaohs – This Changes Everything [Official Music Video]

A press release announcing the video premiere for New Pharaohs’ second single This Changes Everything pretty much sums up everything there is to love about this classy and bewitching track.

The statement describes the clip as a “a journey through psychedelic dreamscapes, full of enchanting beauty, featuring lead soultress Maya Marie. A whirlwind of colour lays the scene against the track’s classy, alluring tones and symphonic bliss.”

Maya is the former frontwoman of indie punk band Sohodolls and she also had a hand in co-writing Nicola ‘Girls Aloud’ Roberts’ debut solo single Beat of my Drum.

Starting on the slow burn, the follow up to New Pharaoh’s acclaimed debut single begins by embracing the beauty of the singer-songwriter’s soulful vocal flutterings, layering them over a backdrop of longing coos and rich, evocative instrumental arrangements, then gradually build into a sweeping denouement of strings-accompanied elegance.

Produced by Dimitri Tikovoi (Charli XCX, Goldfrapp, MNEK), This Changes Everything was released to iTunes this week.  Tell us what you think over on our Facebook page.


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