Thomston – Brain-dead [New Single]

  Talented New Zealand singer-songwriter and musician Thomston has shared a brand new song on his Facebook page to thank his fans for their ongoing support.

The arrival of the scorching electronic track Brain-dead also coincides with the singer’s 20th birthday, and acts as a stop gap to tide folk over until the release of his debut studio album. Writing on Facebook, he said:

Today, i drop the ‘teen’ suffix. i tick over into adulthood. and i’m very happy i get to bring you with me.

this past year has been nothing short of insanity. i’ve seen the world, seen you sing my lyrics back to me. now i have more for you to learn.

so here is ‘brain-dead’.

i’ve spent most of the year working on my first record. it feels close, but as i’m sure you know even when my job is done, the album can be waist deep in mud and spend months trudging along until you get to hear it. so hopefully this will tide you all over.

it’s to say thank you.
and i mean it.

Signed to Saiko, the same boutique management label that catapulted Lorde to fame and also has the brilliant Parson James and LEISURE upon their roster, Thomston has seen his stock on the rise since he put out his debut EP in early 2014. Following a stunning Auckland launch showcase in August last year, he has blossomed in to one of the finest electropop acts around, releasing two stunning EPs and presenting a couple of beautifully-crafted music videos for his singles Anaesthetic and Collarbones that reflect his conscientious and considered attention to every detail.

Consistently excellent, you have to remind yourself not to become too complacent about the high order of music that Thomston keeps putting out. By any standards, Brain-dead is superb. By his own, it’s yet another finely-honed audio execution that seamlessly blends swelling synths and electronics with his compelling R&B-edged vocals and eloquently-observed, self-penned lyrical narratives.

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