The Electric Sons feat. Scavenger Hunt – Reappear [Free Download]


The Electric Sons have just released their new EP Golden Age – currently streaming over on their Soundcloud page – and one track from the Atlanta band’s latest six song-strong set that’s definitely worth a mention is the expansive synth-banger Reappear.

Available as a free download, Reappear is a dreamy, kaleidoscopic pop soundscape that catches the electronic pop outfit collaborating with one of our other favourites du jour Scavenger Hunt, who this week released their own latest single Kiss Me Clean.

Andrew Miller, Ben Richards and Chris Zeigler, the talent that lies behind The Electric Sons, explained to Pure Volume that the making of their EP was “a crazy process” – one that saw them heading back to the drawing board and re-scoping everything from the tracklisting to the artwork, after they’d completed an early version of the record.

“Basically, we had a whole other EP finished and we decided to scrap almost all of it. There were four or five finished, fully produced songs that we were ready to release. We had cover art, sent it off to people, everything. We were just doing some end-of-EP writing, small things like interludes and stuff when both ‘Reappear’ and ‘Golden Age’ just showed up. Both songs, practically fully finished, in the span of three days. I don’t think we slept, we just found these songs one after the other and had to keep going.

“They were so different from the rest of the finished tracks that it didn’t make sense to include them. But after looking everything over, we knew those two tracks were the direction we wanted to follow. So we threw the rest away and started over. It was scary – we’d made promises to people to have something out but we knew that we wouldn’t be satisfied if we didn’t chase down the rest of this new EP.

“There were a lot of changes happening during the writing of the EP. Things were clicking and we were feeling really good, both musically and in our own lives. That’s why we felt Golden Age made sense as the title track.”


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