Watch the lyric video for Kylie and James Corden’s cover of Yazoo’s 1982 hit Only You: 

The 1982 Yazoo classic Only You had received a 21st century re-telling with Kylie Minogue and James Corden taking on the sublime Vince Clarke-penned love song which was  initially performed by Alison Moyet. 

Trading synths for keys and electronics for acoustics, the harmonies between the comedian and pop star are both sharp and reliably together – Corden and Kylie pitching their delivery just right, so as to accentuate the song’s lyrical depth and emotional fragility by nurturing its lyrics with some sweet TLC.

As a fan and friend, I’m so excited to have James Corden duetting with me on the song Only You,” says Kylie. “He suggested the song for my Kylie Christmas album and I just knew he would sound amazing on it. It’s so subtle and lovely and I think it will surprise a lot of people.

Catch the lyric video below and grab Only You now as an instant download with preorders of Kylie Christmas which reaches iTunes on Friday (13 November). 


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