Scavenger Hunt return with another incredibly brilliant 80s ballad Kiss Me Clean: 

 If you’re a fan of twinkling, 80s-true synth-scrapers, and aren’t already familiar with Los Angeles pop outfit Scavenger Hunt, the brainchild of singer Jill Lamoureux and producer and musician Dan Mufson, then now is the time to start trawling through their back catalogue. 

Both song’s from the electropop four piece’s last double-A release Wildfire and Till I See A Sign wielded serious Wilson Phillips levels of giddy pop delight, and their new single Kiss Me Clean – out today – somehow manages to further up the ante on the childhood flashback nods whilst still turning out another winning pop gem. 

A beautifully executed piece of  nostalgic synthpop, Kiss Me Clean is elevated to new levels in its final third by a sax break accompaniment which feels like it was composed solely to soundtrack that movie scene where the bouffant-coiffed jock sweeps up his girl at the prom for one last kiss, before a cut to the credits. 

Flashback and reminisce to Kiss Me Clean below and check out Scavenger Hunt’s upcoming December US tour dates with Dragonette, Shura, Panama Wedding and Great Good Fine Ok right here


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