Listen to London trio RIVRS’ mesmerising electro-burner Last Love: 

RIVRS’ Last Love first surfaced back in April when the electronic track was featured on the second volume of Kitsuné’s New Faces compilations – a series that showcases fresh talent – and the exposure seems to have worked wonders. 

For the London trio are now signed on to Atlantic Records’ well-heeled roster and it looks like their foreboding reflection on early amour has been chosen to kick start their major label career. 

Premiering over at Billboard no less, Lost Love is now streaming online and – in the band’s own words – it’s “an obsessive song about your first love, how you try to pull yourself together by being with someone.” 

Singer Charlotte Mallory burns bright here, her vocals mesmerising from the offset, effortlessly navigating the lyrically-astute verses with brooding conviction and increasing intensity. 

Like a lion, I wait for victory” she sings before pouncing on an ensnaring chorus that brims with shuddering rushes of percussion and multi-textured, bubbling electronics. 

Here’s betting that they won’t be waiting for long. 

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