New York pop star Dominique releases new single I Think I’m Fallin’:

  NYC-based electro-pop singer Dominique has premiered her new single I Think I’m Fallin’.

Released to iTunes last week, the track serves as the follow up to Dominique’s Don’t and It’s Only You which were shared online earlier this year, before the determined pop star headed out for a spell in France to hone her own production skills alongside ZeniF.

I Think I’m Fallin’ is a spritzy rush of slinky synths and gliding vocals that build up to a chorus that we can just imagine slo-mo dancing to on a heated dance floor. It’s a bit like a Come and Get It-era Rachel Stevens offering and that, of course, is a very good thing as a far as we’re concerned.

I wrote this song about the up-and-down rollercoaster of self-doubt and confidence that is a part of making art. I made the demo about a year ago, and spent months trying to find someone to produce it before realizing I should just push myself to produce it myself,” Dominique told Idolator who premiered her latest offering last week.

It definitely fits as my first self-produced release because the song speaks about forcing yourself to work through your fear of not making something ‘good enough’, a fear that kept telling me I needed to be working with other producers instead of just working harder to improve my sound.

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