Nashville’s Whissell premieres the video for her superb debut single Get Free:

Released to iTunes earlier this year, Get Free is the debut single from new girl on the block Whissell, and this week the Nashville-based singer-songwriter premiered the song’s stirring music video.

Lyrically, the song sees Whissell singing about taking ownership and escaping from a controlling relationship, with the destructive scenario set up with crystal clarity from the offset. 

You hold me like you want me to stay / you only want to keep me from running away,” she reflects on the song’s opening couplet, whilst a backdrop of thumping percussion beats and shadowy guitar strums  are reflected in the smoky, black and white-shot visual, adding to  the foreboding sense of drama. 

Preceded by a determined refusal to let her spurned beau get to have it his way, Whissell emerges as a dominant force to be reckoned with on the song’s explosive and propelling chorus, where her bluesy tones are joined by a rally of silence-shattering calls. 
A surprise farewell serenade adds bittersweet beauty to the story in the song’s final third, drawing even more attention to the armoury of full-bodied vocal talent that Whissell has at her disposal.

As debut singles go, this Tennessee talent has absolutely nailed it and you can can catch her spiky September follow up Rumours below. 


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