Molly Moore debuts new single Peace of my Heart: 

 Back at the start of the year, we wrote about Molly Moore’s really good pop song Natural Disaster and now here we are, approaching the end of 2015 celebrating another one of the up-and-coming singer-songwriter’s lo-fi, top notch grabs from her upcoming debut EP. 

I gave you the peace of my heart… to start a war” croons the New York City-born songstress on her new release Peace of my Heart which she wrote with Brandyn Burnette and is due to impact iTunes on 6 November. 

Molly’s vocals sound edgier and more commanding than ever as they navigate a distorted web of muted percussion beats, looping electronics and R&B-like call outs. 

A lot of times, love can mean giving up control,” she says. “With this sacrifice comes many beautiful things but the hardest part is trusting that something/someone you love won’t wreak havoc on your emotions when you hand over the peace of your heart.”

Molly’s first EP will follow on 4 December. In the meantime, listen to Peace of My Heart below.  

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