Check out the video for Le Grind’s sassy dance pop banger Pillow Talk:

This new single from Le Grind is without a doubt one of the most infectious dance tracks that you’re likely to hear this year.

An explosion of pumping, 80s-tastic disco-pop and diva vocals that’s set for release on 20 November, Pillow Talk is set up beautifully with a nice little phone call intro between the two girls from the UK trio, Reyna and Boo – Gareth is the third member of the band.

“You know, I’m seeing this guy right now and when we’re in bed, he’s saying all the right things. Like we should be together, he wants to stay with me forever and then, the next day, NOTHING,’ laments the lead vocalist from her bed.

“No emails. No phone calls. Not even a damn tweet.”

The video then cuts to Reyna confronting the guy in question in a bar, snappily tossing bags of attitude his way before a hugely enjoyable choreographed dance-off breaks out. And even then, there’s still a misinterpreted French-spoken interlude to look forward to (“Listen, I don’t want none of your poems…“).

Not only is Pillow Talk utterly irresistible, it’ll give you the most fun you’ve had on the dancefloor in absolutely ages. 

Keep an eye on these guys via their Facebook page and catch the video for Pillow Talk up top.

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