UK singer Harriet releases 007-esque single Love Will Burn: 

Harriet has premiered a surprise new single and 007 fans will be pleased to hear that Love Will Burn is a killer Bond-inspired track.

On board again for Harriet’s latest is producer Steve Anderson, himself a fan of those classic theme tunes (see Kylie’s Dangerous Game), and his accompaniment is as lushly orchestrated, climatic and rich with intrigue as anyone would want from the backdrop of a classic 007 opener. 

Harriet’s timeless and effortlessly heartfelt vocals may continue to draw comparisons to those of Karen Carpenter but her previous collaborations with Steve  (Afterglow, Can I Keep You, Flyhave seen her continuously prove herself as a great storyteller and artist in her own right. 

Released to iTunes the same week that Spectre reaches UK cinema screens, Love Will Burn provides yet another opportunity for her to showcase those impassioned vocals, but also gives us the chance to hear the more dramatic, brooding and intense spectrums of her range. 

Listen for yourself below:  

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