Boom! Tish! Cymbal – a must-have music app: is the latest social app aimed squarely at music lovers who want to seek out new tracks and talk about it with their friends.

Whilst streaming sites like Spotify and Soundcloud make it easy to follow what others are listening to, they fall short when it comes to generating conversations and that’s where Cymbal adds a further layer of engagement. 

Since it properly launched earlier this year, it’s had a number of updates that have enhanced the user experience and made it a must-have app on any music lover’s phone. 

What does it do?


Cymbal provides users with a platform that searches both Spotify and Soundcloud to generate a song that they want to share with their followers. This song is their ‘cymbal’. 

Once selected, users can add commentary to accompany the track, choose to share it via their linked Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts, and then share the song with their network.

The cymbal of course features in the timeline of anyone who follows you and, not only can they have a listen to the song, they can tell you what they think of it, thus opening up the opportunity to TALK ABOUT MUSIC. Hurrah! 

And it works vice versa naturally. You see all of the songs that have been shared by the people you follow – either chronologically or by engagement – and you can also save them to your Cymbal account and, if connected, your Soundcloud or Spotify account for later listening. 

The user interface is easy to navigate, clear and visually appealing and, if you’re in the business of sharing music regularly – say, you’re a music blogger or summat – Cymbal has the added benefit of including hyperlinks to your own content. So, say I’ve written something about that brilliant new Le Grind track, I can copy and paste the URL in to the comments section and those who want to, can click through to find out more.


Finding new people to follow
Finding friends and new people to follow isn’t difficult either. If you’ve synced your Twitter and Facebook profiles, the search function will bring up all of your existing connections who are already on board. 

Then you’ve Cymbal’s own featured users, broken down in to categories such as artists and labels, music venues, influencers etc, plus they also provide recommendations based upon the songs that you’ve been listening to. And of course, you can invite people in your social network who haven’t yet signed up. 

Once someone has been added, you can also easily set up push notifications to tell you when your favourites have updated their cymbal. 

Where can I download this rather brilliant app from? 

It’s on the App Store, right here. Hunt us down, and share with us what’s soundtracking your day today. 

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