Parson James turns out more impassioned soul with new single Temple: 

  He calls his music “conflicted pop  gospel” so it’s quite appropriate then that the brand new single from South Carolina-born singer-songwriter Parson James is called Temple and, lyrically it’s about as personal as it gets. 

Temple follows the release of Parson’s impeccable debut solo single Sinner Like You which reflected upon his experience coming out to his mum, having been raised in a tight-knit religious community. This time round, he’s taking those personal experiences and using them to empower others to celebrate who they are. 

Temple is about standing up, saying what you want to say, as loud as you fucking can, and going for it” says the man behind the Kygo hit Stole the Show, has also worked with Audien, and is managed by Saiko – the team who steered Lorde to international success. 

I know that there are kids out there just like I was, sitting there in a town, hiding. I would hate to be a person who’s 40 years old, married to a woman, knowing that you want be with a man. If you feel a certain way, just be it. Don’t be quiet for too long. Don’t be anything other than what you are.

Now there’s a message for you, to take home. And this Temple is solid to its foundations. Soulful, emotional, uplifting and powerful – an understatement. This guy deserves to be huge. 


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