Vimes debut new song Kyra from upcoming LP Nights in Limbo: 

It’s been a few years since we last wrote about Vimes, aka vocalist Azhar Syed and producer/man-at-synths Julian Stetter, but the German electronic duo are now back with a brand new song from their long awaited debut studio album Nights in Limbo

Kyra was shared on Vimes’ official Soundcloud page this week, and arrives as the follow up to their previous singles Celestial, Upstairs and Ential – tracks that earned them a support slot for Hot Chip and showcase performances at international festivals SXSW or The Great Escape.

Kyra symbolises the unknown. A suspended state of mind, which we found ourselves in, while working on our upcoming debut,” the pair say in a press release about their latest offering which pedals up the techno-tronics beats whilst staying true to their spacily intoxicating previous. “However, Kyra simultaneously reflects the world we live in, which is constantly in flux. A Chimera between songwriting and electronic production. Apart from all that, it’s a nice way of saying VIMES are back!

Nights in Limbo was produced by Jochen Naaf and will be released on 12 February 2016. 

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