Troye Sivan premieres his stunning music video for Talk Me Down:


Troye Sivan has premiered the concluding chapter in his Blue Neighbourhood video trilogy, sharing the visual for his latest single Talk Me Down

Where WILD laid the foundations for a central relationship blossoming between two friends who you rooted for, FOOLS explored the challenging and seemingly insurmountable circumstances that they faced. It ended with Troye sidelined in favour of a young lady; his beau having chosen an alternative route rather than face his overbearing and violent father. 

The clip for Talk Me Down follows almost directly on from where we left off in the second instalment. A funeral being held but who’s is it? Even by the final frame, the answer is ambiguous. Whilst the father is conspicuously absent – other than through a series of flashbacks – and we are certainly led to believe it is he who has met his maker, the end shot leaves you wondering whether there could be another character in the coffin. 

Yearning lyrics that express desire and longing soundtrack glimpses of emotionally raw memories, vividly flashing through the Australian singer’s mind. In situe with the bereavement, he looks devastated, dishevelled and jealous. The camera catches tender moments between his love and his rival, the lyrics intensify with seemingly uncontrollable yearning.

The other guy is torn. It becomes clear that he now has choices, but does that mean he has freedom amidst the devastation? Is it all too much to handle? 

Look. The video for this final instalment doesn’t so much offer conclusive answers, as it does take the intricacies of human relationships, the decisions we make and the impact that they have on everyone around us, and presents them in a way that is far beyond what you’d expect from a music video. Love and passion, life and death and the whole glut of emotion that falls in between, Troye Sivan nails it in his Blue Neighbourhood trilogy, both vocally and visually. 

An artist with a vision and an album due out on 4 December. Preorder it here


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