POWERS premiere the music video for their new single Hot: 

 Powers burn up the B&W in the newly-premiered music video for their latest single Hot, with Mike Del Rio and Crista Ru playing straight to their cool and proving that it only takes two to party. When you’ve hula hoop skills and suit/hair/moves like this on tap, who needs to extend the invite? 

The New York duo have spent the past few years firing out heated synth-groovers like Gimme Some, Beat of My Drum and last year’s collab with  The Knocks on their single Classic, and it’s all building up to the release of their debut EP Legendary, out 23 October. 

Like the audio love child of Frankie Goes to Hollywood and Charli XCX, Hot more than lives up to its title, with its euphoric chorus and blissful funked up beats, ramped up to the absolute max. 

The pair will also be showcasing their expert wares at the CMJ Music Marathon in New York on Thursday.   Details here, catch their new video below and let us know what you think. 


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