Listen to new LA trio SLEEPLUST’s latest single Deep Nights:

  SLEEPLUST are a California-based trio, hailing from North Carolina, made up of twin brothers Michael and Joseph Pepe and friend and lead singer Meghan Tartamella. 

This week, the threesome premiered their latest single Deep Nights; a taster from SLEEPLUST’s upcoming self-titled EP that mixes sparking electronics and swelling synths with mood-evoking, snapshot lyrics that are delivered by Meghan with captivating intensity. 

Deep Nights is about claiming a more empowered role creatively and within our community,” according to the band. “Where in the past as artists we’ve been taken under the wing of others and have just tried to absorb as much as possible, now we’re getting to shift more into that pack lead role ourselves and offer support.

On first listen, Deep Nights sounds like a minimalist listen, but it’s one of those songs that unravels, intensifies and connects more and more with repeated plays so check it out below and hear more great stuff from SLEEPLUST over on their Soundcloud page


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