Passport to Stockholm share new song Let Me Know online: 

 London four piece Passport to Stockholm have posted a new track from their recent EP All At Once on to their official Soundcloud page

The band, made up of songwriters and founding members Chris ‘Barny’ Barnard and Tom Piggott, and Mariona De Lamo (cello) and Henri Grimes (percussion), premiered Let Me Know on The Line of Best Fit earlier this week, although the EP itself was released to iTunes at the end of August and can be downloaded here

It’s a song about giving everything you can to be an honest partner and finding out you are being lied to in return,” the indie-folk quartet say about the track. “We recorded this as a sister piece to Chemistry [also on the EP]. Think of it as when the anger comes in, the aggression of the percussion drives it.

Let Me Know is an embracing tapestry of swelling percussion, sweeping string arrangements and warm vocals, that envelops and sweeps their audience up in their evocative and emotional storytelling style of lyrical narrative. A beautiful triumph. 

Listen to Let Me Know and Chemistry below. 

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