Check out the incredibly HOT new single from US duo Powers: 

Why aren’t we surprised that this new single from US pop-givers Powers is incredible?

Crista and Mike have made no secret that they’ve recently been shooting a new music video and it’s no wonder they were Snapchatting so enthusiastically. Hot is an absolute scorcher that more than lives up to its title, with its euphoric chorus and blissful funked up beats, ramped up to the absolute max. 

Like an audio love child of a Frankie Goes To Hollywood/Charli XCX recording session, Hot is basically a 5 minute long, sweltering, summer anthem that is unlike anything else around at the moment. Has anybody sounded as cool this year as these guys do together?

An EP – Legendary – is coming out on 23 October but in the meantime drive around, windows down and wind in your hair, with this mammoth banger blasting out of your speakers because that is what songs like this were made for. 

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