Lawson premiere tour-shot video for We Are Kings:

 Lawson’s latest music video is one of those black and white ‘backstage pass’ type clips, that gives fans a glimpse of what the band wants them to see behind the scenes, when they go on tour. 

The track itself, the uplifting We Are Kings, is taken from Lawson’s upcoming ‘EP’ of the same name which comes out in New Zealand on 9 October and features the band’s previous top ten singles Standing  in the Dark, Juliet and Brokenhearted, as well as their most recent single Roads

‘EP’ is noted in inverted commas because really this is an album dressed up as an EP; ten tracks seemingly with the objective to bide the time between the release of the four piece’s 2012 debut Chapman Square and the recording and launch of their upcoming follow up Perspective

As such, Roads, We Are Kings and Under the Sun and Mountains are the four new songs to be found on Lawson, whilst the rest of the material was either on the original album, or the record’s subsequent reissue Chapter II – or both

Preorder Lawson from iTunes here and watch the band’s latest side-vest-y music video below. 

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