Listen to Tor Miller’s new single Carter & Cash: 

New York-based singer-songwriter Tor Miller has a new single out now and it’s very good indeed. 

Carter & Cash was sent to iTunes this week, and it follows the release of Tor’s debut EP  Headlights which came out in February via Glassnote Records – the same US label that’s also home to CHVRCHES and Mumford & Sons. 

With its striking guitar chords and indie pop sensibilities, it’s hard not to imagine Carter & Cash – a track inspired by the well documented relationship between iconic musician Johnny Cash and his wife June Carter –  finding its rightful place on mainstream radio in the not-so-distant future. 

I traveled a lot during the time of my last relationship and we wrote many letters back and forth,” the 20 year old newcomer explains when talking about the track’s namesakes. “At the end of each letter we would sign off with ‘you are the Carter to my Cash’ or vice versa. We, like many others, had an admiration for their story and relationship. It always seemed like something so pure and a possessed a depth which wasn’t present in most couples. And I guess thats what everyone wants in the end.”

Listen to Carter & Cash below and find out more about the up-and-coming talent on his Facebook page


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