Three stunning songs from Tall Height’s upcoming album Holding On, Holding Out:

 Tall Heights are a Boston-hailing duo made up of two talented chaps called Paul Wright and Tim Harrington. 

The pair started out busking in their Massachusetts hometown five years ago – Wright on cello and Harrington on acoustic guitar – and, since then, they’ve accrued a loyal following of fans, enamoured by their heart-filled, folk-driven musicianship and fluid harmonies. A debut album called Man of Stone was released in 2013, and now they’re about to release their follow up Holding On, Holding Out

This record feels like a new birth for us,” says Harrington, about the new LP on the duo’s official website. “We’re sounding different. It’s not because we were bored; it’s because we were street performers who learned how to create beautiful moments as a duo, but then we became a nationally-touring act. We saw the country, we broadened our horizons. Suddenly, we weren’t the artists we were before. But a lot of what we learned on the street still rings true to our approach today, so this record is a growth, rather than a left-hand turn.”

Tall Heights last month released the album’s lead single Spirit Cold  to iTunes but I only stumbled across their music when two other songs from Holding On, Holding Out – the title track and Two Blue Eyes – were shared in to my Soundcloud feed earlier today. The organic, intimate and arresting quality of the music here instantly left its mark, and so I can’t not but share.

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