Joe Jonas launches music project DNCE with new single Cake by the Ocean:

Can Joe Jonas achieve the same level of chart success outside of the Jonas Brothers as his younger sibling Nick has experienced this year?

That’s a question that may well be answered by the reaction to this first single from JJ’s new musical project DNCE, which sees the 26 year old hooking up with former Jonas Brothers drummer Jack Lawless, JinJoo Lee and one-time Semi-Precious Weapons bassist Cole Whittle. 

Cake by the Ocean premiered today and takes its lead from the ever-increasing number of funk-fired pop hits that have come before it. Slick, radio-friendly verses give way to a chorus that catches Jonas deploying a cracking falsetto vocal over catchy-as beats which will inject some serious strut to your step as you make your way to the DNCEfloor.  

And for those scratching their heads, the title apparently stems from some recording sessions the band had with some anonymous Swedish producers who used the phrase as an alternative for ‘sex on the beach’.  

Listen to Cake by the Ocean below. 

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