Listen to Seal’s new single Every Time I’m With You: 

Seal is back with a brand new single from his upcoming album. 

The powerful, piano-driven soul ballad Every Time I’m With You was released this week, and is taken from the English singer-songwriter’s upcoming record 7 which will be released on 6 November. 

The inspiration was romance, to be quite honest,” Seal told PEOPLE about his new single. “I tried to think of the one thing that somebody who was in love would want to say to their loved one and also say the thing that they would most love to hear, and I couldn’t imagine anything more romantic than: ‘Every time I’m with you, I feel wanted.’ I felt that that was a very romantic thing to want to say to someone and also to want to hear from your loved one.” 

7 is Seal’s first studio release since 2011’s Soul II which reached #17 on the UK album chart in 2011. Preorder the new album now and you’ll receive both Every Time I’m With You and Do You Ever as instant downloads.

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