Get familiar with Ava James because her new single Between Sheets is brill:

Ava James is a relatively new singer-songwriter based out of London who, up until this week, had released a couple of singles called No More and Won’t Look Back. Both of them are really good, but her third offering is really, REALLY good. 

Between Sheets was produced by Leo Kalyan – a man who’s making a few waves himself, having released his debut EP Silver Linings in July – but it’s the impassioned, soul-fuelled emotion that Ava injects in to every impassioned lyric on this one, that really grabs you by the collar. 

I love the space that Leo creates on his productions as it’s soft yet so immediate,” the 21 year old told Noisey about working with Kalyan before neatly summing the point of the track up in one sentence. “Lyrically the song is about the realities you have to confront when that spark burns out in a relationship – you’re trapped and need to find a way out.”

Listen to Between Sheets below: 

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