US four piece PHASES debut new single Spark: 

PHASES have premiered the studio version of their sublime new single Spark

Taken from the upcoming album For Life, due out 18 September via Warner Brothers Records, Spark serves as the follow up to countdown singles Betty Blue, Cooler and I’m In Love With My Life, and offers up a heady concoction of slow-firing synths, and swoonsome vocals, that makes for an exemplary dream pop offering.  

Preorder For Life via US iTunes here and catch the track list at the foot of this post. 

For Life Tracklist:

01. Silhouette

02. Baby Blue

03. I’m In Love With My Life

04. Spark

05. Cooler

06. Vertigo

07. Part Of Me

08. Running Away

09. New Illusion

10. I Don’t Know What’s Right

11. Lonely Nights

12. Take Me There

13. Paradise *

14. Tell Me *

15. Go Forever *

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