LA singer-songwriter Mackenzie Thoms premieres debut single Conviction: 

This debut solo single from R&B newcomer Mackenzie Thoms is a fine introduction to the Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter’s talents. 

Set against a swelling backdrop of bubbling, mid-tempo dance beats, Conviction tells the story of a couple whose relationship is on hold due to one half’s inability to commit. Instead of playing the wronged party, Thoms spins the narrative from the perspective of the guy who keeps messing things up by staying out late, getting drunk and playing around. 

It makes for a refreshing and more compelling slant on the oft-told tale of relationship woes but what impresses most is Thoms’ ability to make you believe he’s genuinely remorseful, when the key pre-chorus hook is built around his awareness of how unsuitable he is as a boyfriend, and how it’s unlikely to change anytime soon (“I can’t tell you why but I’m built this way“). 

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