VV Brown premieres the music video for her new single Shift: 

V V (Brown) has premiered the official music video for her new single Shift

The stylishly-shot clip sees the Samson singer being pursued by two ominous, cloaked figures, held captive in a darkened room and being throttled, and appearing like a futuristic spectral hologram, sporting headwear that conceals her face. 

Centred around an ear-worming hook of “This is what we’re fighting for“, the pulsing electro number’s video ends with V V unshackled, released from the vice like grip around her throat and losing the hat. Could it be a visual expression of freedom, both socially and artistically? If so, it’s one that ties in nicely with the words she’s popped on her PledgeMusic site to support her upcoming fourth studio album. 

My motto lies in the belief that the music will move the mountain, whereas before style over substance was often was the leading factor from big bosses in previous parts of my early career,” she says. “All good intentions of survival but a suffocating environment to grow as an artist.”

Or it could mean something entirely different. Either way, it’s one of the best new singles of the week. Catch the video below. 

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