Macy Gray premieres the music video for her vibrator serenade B.O.B: 

macy grayMacy Gray extols the virtues of the humble vibrator in her latest single B.O.B which received its video premiere earlier today – B.O.B standing for Battery Operated Boyfriend, and visually represented as an animated automatic pleasure giver called Bob in the singer’s latest clip.

For those most familiar with the singer as the voice behind the 1998 hits I Try and Still, Macy’s sweet singalong ode to her preferred bedtime companion, may raise a few eyebrows but it sits in the tamer scale of her musical realm when compared to say the irresistibly filthy 2009 cut Slap A Bitch.

Instantly recognisable thanks to her gravelly-toned vocals, the soul singer’s eighth studio album The Way came out last year and featured the singles Stoned and (the rather brilliant) Hands. B.O.B is taken from the upcoming deluxe edition of that album, which was funded via Pledgemusic and will be available to buy on 31 July.

There are various packages still available and so, if you’re interested, head here.

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