Bee’s Knees debut new single Old School feat. Monogem: 

11080434_802787193139263_1932456790558159184_oLA-based production duo Bee’s Knees have called upon singer-songwriter Monogem to lace their latest taste of groove-inducing disco funk Old School with some deliriously rapturous vocals. She sounds like a dream and Aaron Spiro & Adam Novodo’s irresistible sax breaks and whizzing electro-synths are equally as euphoric.

The track features on Bee’s Knees brand new EP Variety Pack which was released today (iTunes link here) and also features collaborations with Marty Rod and Chuck Inglish and Buddy. Also worthy of note, these guys turned out a remix of one of the best pop songs of the year so far – Scavenger Hunt’s Wildfire which you can discover on their Soundcloud page.

Speaking of Soundcloud, Old School is available as a free download there too. Just click on the link below to get there, and follow the instructions.

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