Listen to KOLAJ’s brilliant new single The Touch: 

KOLAJ is the alter ego of new recording duo Teesa and Mighty Mike whose debut single The Touch has been doing the rounds on the blog space this past week, mainly because it’s very good indeed.

Between them, the pair have already racked up some pretty handy work experience and met some well-heeled folk in the business along the way and the influences of their prior acquaintances are clear on The Touch which is bursting with plenty of radio-friendly hooks and melodies that easily allow it to stand up to repeat listens without getting tired.

For example Teesa, who also contributes her subtle, accentuated vocals to the track, has previously worked with Incubus guitarist Mike Eizinger who also played on David Guetta’s Walking on the Sun, as well as Avicii’s Wake Me Up – two big commercial hits that, similarly to what’s on display here, balanced off rousing EDM beats with more organic music backing. Meanwhile Mike’s experience extends back to working with producer Kool Kojack who had a hand in Ke$ha’s brilliant electropop frenzy Blow. Plus he’s also worked on hits for Kelly Clarkson and Carly Rae Jepsen and co-produced alonsgide and Josh Abraham.

Armed with plenty of experience then, KOLAJ are now primed ready to explode and, with the promotion it deserves, The Touch could well be the track that catapults them in to the mainstream.

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