Listen to Brayton Bowman’s latest single REAL: 

Brayton Bowman’s profile has been steadily increasing thanks to a string of strong releases including the MNEK-produced Skin Deep, the funk-infused Runaway and his brilliant refix of Britney’s Baby One More Time

The NYC-based singer-songwriter this week released his latest single REAL – a whirring extravaganza of 90s influenced R&B, fizzing, climactic electronica and soul-kissed harmonies, produced by Jacob Manson and taken from his upcoming EP The Update

Everybody got a fake friend somewhere. Whether it’s some wannabe boyfriend, a two-timing girlfriend, your used-to-be best friend or some stranger off the street giving you the stank eye…you can feel it when someone’s not keeping it 100 with you,” says Bowman of his latest release. “We were at my partner’s studio in Shoreditch a few months back vibing to this track & my boy Ryan Ashley looks up and just goes “YA GOTTA BE REALLLLLLLLLL”….and the rest was kind of history.”

Listen to REAL below and look out for The Update EP which will be released later this year. 

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