Listen to New Americana from Halsey’s upcoming debut album Badlands:

Halsey_-_BadlandsI first heard New Americana last April, when Halsey (whose real name is Ashley Frangipane) released it as a free download via Soundcloud. I wrote about it then referring to it as ‘cinematic’ and ‘brooding’, commenting on its appealing hook (“We are the new Americana, we’re high on legal marijuana“) and popped it on a playlist of my most overlooked tracks of 2014 but then kinda forgot about it.

This year though, Halsey is doing big things. She’s currently supporting Imagine Dragons on their North American tour but, even more importantly, she has her very first album Badlands coming out on 28 August.

Earlier today then, Halsey released an updated version of New Americana to iTunes as the second countdown single from the upcoming LP, and the follow up to its lead track Hold Me Down. It’s still very good and you can have a listen to it below because it’s also been posted on the New Jersey newcomer’s VEVO page.

Preorder Badlands here, and feel free to share your thoughts with us over at Facebook or Twitter.

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